I use a variety of physical methods including applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, or causing movement to the body. I primarily use my hands, but may also use my forearms, elbows, or sometimes use hand held massage tools. The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself.

My Training with the College of Holistic Medicine and over 21 years experience in massage gives me the ability to deal with a wide range of conditions as well as those mentioned above.

My goal is to work with each individual, taking account of their unique needs, to relieve stiffness and pain as well as bringing about deep relaxation, as it is the state of relaxation that enables the body heals itself.

Each body is different and each body is ever changing, therefore massage with instinct, wins over massage by rote.

& Integrated Myofascial Release

Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Remedial & Sport

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue of whole body areas to bring about general improvements in health, such as relaxation or improved sleep, or specific physical benefits, such as relief of muscular aches and pains. It involves the manipulation of soft tissues for the purpose of encouraging release, cleansing and repair.

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