It is not clear how this works. It is the theory that certain points pertain to nerve endings of the relevant organ or body part.

Although science does not prove this, many times during sessions with clients it is reported that when I am working on a particular area, sensation or pain is felt elsewhere in the body, apparently unrelated to the area being worked on. As a result of this I work with body Reflexology, sometimes referred to as Acupressure or Trigger points. This may be directed specifically by knowledge, or by intuition and feeling with my hands may "guide" me to work a certain area. Clients often say "you always find my tender bits, that I did not know were there".

Hand or foot Reflexology may be included in a general Massage treatment.

I am also happy to give specific hand and/or feet Reflexology to clients who would rather remain clothed.

Reflexology is a system of healing by pressing on various parts of the body. It gets to the cause of a body malfunction by restoring the energy flow to the body's many different systems and functions. In fact everyone can give self reflexology treatments.

Many people are aware of "Hands and Feet Reflexology" however using pressure points on the face, ears and body can also cause a balancing effect on various ailments or pains else where in the body.

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