It can be a useful tool for developing self awareness and transformation. It is a non-invasive therapy. Practiced throughout the world by people of all religions and creeds, it is used in hospitals, private practice, self-care, and in combination with other therapies.

It is a superb complementary healing system on its own or in conjunction with other healing or wellness disciplines. Used every day it brings about balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

5 Reiki Precepts or ideals recited daily (There are many translations from Usui's Japanese handwriting)

- Just for today I give thanks for my many Blessings

- Just for today I will not worry

- Just for today I let go of anger

- Just for today I do my work honestly

- Just for today I will honour and be kind to everyone.

I am pleased to give Reiki Treatments (This treatment is given with clients fully clothed) each person receives the energy in the way most suited to them. I am also pleased to give Reiki attunements and teaching to those who desire to learn to self 'heal'.

Personal Note: I treat myself every day. When I forget to, I begin to notice some of my old self-destructive patterns re-emerging. Only to disappear when I once again re-introduce the practice.

“Reiki is beyond understanding, it simply is”

The 1st Syllable Rei is Japanese for God, creator or spirit, creative mind, all that is. 2nd Syllable, Ki is Japanese for vital energy or power that fuels life force. Ki needs to flow in the right way or unease follows.

Reiki is a system of energy healing using spiritually guided life force, a continuation of teachings given by Mikao Usui 1885-1926, a commitment to honoring, the Dr. Usui lineage.

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