I began massage training in 1987 and went on to study Counselling, Psychotherapy, Alexander Barrie system of pelvic correction, EFT and Reiki between 1991-2004.

I continue to develop myself either by reading, or attending courses online or in person.

I offer an individual, person centered service and after discussion with the client a combination of therapies may be used, appropriate to the presenting condition(s).

Due to the eclectic nature of my skills I am able to offer treatments uniquely tailored to the person's needs at that time. This is dependent on whether the problem is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature.

My belief is that each person is uniquely individual and I strive to support clients by using physical treatments or listening before giving honest feedback and clarification as you work to achieve balance, acceptance and understanding of your own circumstances.

I specialise in pain relief and increasing self-esteem.

Feel free to contact me by telephone or email and we can have a chat.


My name is Kay Paterson-Oakes and I offer Complementary Therapies, including, Massage, Reflexology, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Reiki (Healing and Training)

I offer a one to one service and work together with you to promote self - healing and well being.

T - 07568 529032 | E - kay@kpohealth.com | Longberry Farm, Bethersden, Ashford, TN26 3DS